Pet Supplies Plus

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Pet Supplies Plus is the only pet-specific retailer in the Steubenville area. We are located outside of the Fort Steuben Mall next to Wal-Mart. Kerry Toth is our Store Team Leader as well as a reptile and fish specialist. He has 2 cats, saltwater aquariums, crested geckos, bearded dragon and a kingsnake. Jimmy Belon is our Assistant Team Leader and has a variety of pets including; a Siberian Husky, cat, leopard gecko, chinchilla and a Hahn's Macaw. Teresa Gamble is a Shift Leader as well as our animal department leader. She has a wide variety of experience with different pets has dogs, cats, multiple aquariums of every type (betta, freshwater, brackish and saltwater), various lizards and amphibians. Jakalyn Bates is a Shift Leader who has experience with multiple types of frogs, chameleons and geckos.